Invite Your Customers to Talk and Listen Carefully

Sundeep Patel

Sundeep Patel shares what drives him and what he’s learned as he’s solved a business problem that everyone can benefit from, every day.

Show Notes

0:00 Intro 

:54 Sundeep Background, getting into app development and eLearning 

4:10 The rise of eLearning and online training, decreasing employee onboarding time

5:35 Creating the most simple and quick app for training employees 

8:35 Being accessible to clients, talking with customers drives Sundeep 

10:56 Traveling the world with his family and meeting his first customer in Malaysia 

15:00 The uses of Iorad- employee training, tutorials, on-boarding 

17:05 Making sure the app is as simple and quick as possible 

20:10 The apps Sundeep uses— Slack, Zoom, Intercom, Calendly 

24:08 Patel’s business truths- focusing on strengths, not weaknesses

26:30 Not following a traditional path to success- worrying his family 

29.29 Patel’s wife joining the business 

32:10 Conclusion


Sundeep Patel LinkedIn –

Iorad –

Slack –

Zoom –

Intercom –

Calendly –

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