Emmanuel Laroche: Serving Up Authenticity As Everyone’s Favorite Flavor

Emmanuel Laroche Symrise Interview with Colleen

Emmanuel Laroche is part scientist, part artist. With an entire career in the flavors industry, he talks about the importance of exploration and following your passions.

Show Notes:
0:00 Introduction
2:25 Emmanuel discusses his role and the flavors industry
6:35 The most popular flavors are the traditional ones
7:54 How the American business culture drew Emmanuel in
11:07 Why innovation and exploration are so important to our food tastes
16:21 How television and social media are changing the culinary landscape
20:57 Emmanuel’s podcast “Flavors Unknown” allows him to continuously learn
24:52 Flavors Unknown really digs into the passions of chefs, mixologists around the world
29:49 How Emmanuel and his guests prep for a show
31:40 Emmanuel shares his business truths
34:38 How Emmanuel travels
37:37 Emmanuel shares his favorite tools
43:28 How people can find and connect with Emmanuel
45:09 Conclusion

Flavors Unknown podcast – https://flavorsunknown.com/
Emmanuel on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmanuellaroche

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