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Stepping Forward into 2024.

Back in November, I wrote a blog post, The Day Expertise Became a Commodity. I meant every word, and toward the end, I mentioned that Intero Advisory would look different in 2024.

We do. Intero Advisory 3.0 emerges as a smaller team focused on what we do best as we finish the first quarter of 2024 - guiding people as they go deeper with LinkedIn as an individual, team, or company. 

We will also continue to align with others, offering services that enhance our clients' success. Jim Cusick, who, during his time at Intero, provided ongoing operational and process enhancements, has launched Spark Seneca - focusing on future-proofing businesses through optimal workflows that drive revenue. His Working Groups, which we will participate in, will provide the best live implementation during monthly virtual sessions.

Jim’s Working Groups will begin in mid-April. I recommend them to all of Intero’s clients and anyone looking to increase their knowledge and application of AI and other relevant tools and technologies. 

Sarah Bentley is off to a new role in communications with a leading consulting firm. Her commitment to Intero Advisory has provided our clients with insight, confidence, and care. 

We are always grateful for those who stopped by Intero Advisory on their career journey and who have inspired, educated, challenged, and led the way to our client’s progress. 

Liza and I will continue to work with clients through coaching, training, and consulting using our It's Business, Not Social™ approach. Our goal is to always keep our clients ahead of the curve on what's happening in LinkedIn and Sales Navigator and the best ways to build brand awareness and engagement through the platform. 

Thirteen years into our journey, we're just getting started.