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Content Recap: Design + Amplify to Grow Your Business + Attract Talent

Throughout the month of May, the Intero team focused on the topic of Content, and how crucial it can be a strategic tool or your downfall. In the content that we have shared throughout the past few weeks, including our strategy blog, quick tips, video walkthroughs, and podcast episodes, we learned just how powerful content can be, and if it is designed and amplified, it can bring long term results.  

Content, when curated, shared, and promoted by leadership, sales, marketing, and HR teams alike, can attract buyers and candidates. Check out this recap Sarah to hear the key takeaways for the month, tips, actions, and observations that will help you as an individual, or as a company, enhance your digital presence and confidently move into our next month of content— recruiting. 

1. Candidates and buyers expect a certain level of sophistication and proficiency from you on LinkedIn. 

2. Content is a key strategy for SEO and PR. 

3. Encouraging your employees to shape their personal brand may be daunting, however, it is necessary to further your message and create credibility. 

TIP: Not every post deserves a comment or share, but most deserve more than a Like. Find ways to engage, support, and add value to employees and colleague’s posts by sharing content with others or directly to your feed or adding relevant comments. 

Consider the 15 ways to improve and leverage content to increase buyer and candidate flow. Implement one or two of the tips into your content practices and take note of the difference that you see.  

If you’re not designing and amplifying your content, you’re losing in the race to grow your business and attract talent. It’s just that simple.   

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