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Networking Recap: Individual Networks Enhance Credibility and Drive Value

Throughout the month of March, the Intero team created content focused on networking, specifically as it pertains to how individual networks can drive results for an organization or company as opposed to company Page followers. People are at the core of making organizations work. They also have 10x more connections than a company will have company Page followers. Individual networks are a critical resource for companies, and the more that they empower them to build, network, and engage intentionally, the more opportunities available for that organization.

Check out this recap on networking from Sarah to hear more about the content topics that the team covered this month and how companies and individuals can gain drive value and enhance their credibility by empowering their employees to utilize, engage with, and grow their networks.


Maybe your LinkedIn company Page followers aren’t the metric you should be paying the most attention to on LinkedIn.

Go for quality over quantity when it comes to your network size. Keep it relevant and be comfortable having a smaller community. It’s your community.


Accept that employees have access to many more people, and in turn, can provide new opportunities for the company.

Create a culture of people who understand the value of connecting and knowing other people, and empower them to intentionally build their network

Triage your current LinkedIn network, and see where you can build highly engaged groups and communities where you and they can support, encourage, cultivate, and dare say promote one another.


Individual networks can enhance credibility if built correctly and add direct value to their respective community. If you have enough of those people within an organization, the collective recruiting and business development power exponentially increases for good.

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