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Personal Branding Recap: Strengthen Your Digital Voice

Over the month of February, the Intero team created content focusing on the topic of personal branding. LinkedIn profiles are critical to enhancing your digital presence and ensuring you’re being seen in the best light. So, we started from the beginning, explaining the ways different sections of your profile can not only be beneficial from an individual perspective, but also from a company perspective.  

Investing in your employee’s LinkedIn profile is how you can increase your digital voice, and it’s where we begin when helping a company build its LinkedIn strategy. Check out this recap from Sarah to hear the key takeaways for the month, tips, actions, and observations that will help you as an individual, or as a company, enhance your digital presence and confidently move into our next month of content— credibility to authority. 


Do everything you can to help develop your people and make sure they stand out as individuals on LinkedIn, build and energize their respective networks and have the digital skills to know how to engage with content 


  1. Each individual’s profile is a microsite mentioning your company, what they do, who they serve, and how they are different than your competitors. 
  1. Use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website: 

• Help them connect the dots by adding three website pages to your contact information. 

• Add a call to action with your email and website URL in your About and Experience sections. 

• Make sure your website is a customized button on your LinkedIn company Page. 


Acknowledge that others use LinkedIn to vet and verify you (and, your colleagues and teams.) 

Craft a plan to gain best practices so that you can maximize LinkedIn for your branding and business initiatives. 

Triage your current LinkedIn profile and network. 


Strengthen your digital voice, one LinkedIn profile at a time. 

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