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How to Change Your Profile Viewing Options on LinkedIn

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough?

This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to change your profile viewing options on LinkedIn, specifically whether or not you’re visible or viewing profiles in private mode. This setting determines what users will see when you have viewed their profile. If you are in private mode, they will not see your profile image, name, and headline. If you have your name and headline selected, viewers will be able to see that you recently visited their profile.

While you may feel compelled to be in private mode when researching people or looking for your target audience, we suggest taking advantage of the full visibility and viewing it as a soft touchpoint. They may take a look at your profile before you reach out, increasing the response rate.

Consider your strategy and this month’s topic of mindset— you may need to get uncomfortable and think for the long term. An initial visit to a profile may not only lead to a conversation but someone who could help expand your network and achieve your goals on LinkedIn. By having your strategy and growth in mind, changing this setting invites opportunity!

Additionally, this is a good time to evaluate your headline. Does it include a value proposition or give context to what you do?

We encourage you to check your settings and change your profile to Name + Headline if you’re currently in private mode. Check out this week’s walkthrough to learn how to change your profile viewing options on LinkedIn.

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