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Mindset Recap: Commitment and Visibility Set the Tone

Over the course of the month of January, the Intero team focused on the topic of Mindset, creating content that allows professionals to get started and be intentional, committing to creating a strategy that is consistent, intentional, and goal-oriented.  

Having a growth mindset is where it all begins on LinkedIn. Watch and listen to the recap from Sarah and keep in mind the key takeaways for the month, tips, actions, and observations that will help you get set up for success, and confidently move into our next month of content— Personal Branding.  


You can’t expect to build a professional community if you aren’t willing to jump in and be active. 

How you show up determines how others see you. 


Combine mindset with practice. Craft a plan to gain best practices so that you can maximize LinkedIn for your branding and business initiatives and triage your current LinkedIn profile and network. Does it align with your values, and current and future career and life aspirations?



Position yourself with a beginner’s mind 

Learn with intention 

Apply our It’s Business, Not Social™ practices 

Yield outcomes that drive your business and career in a positive manner 


Being open to learning, testing, caring, and participating with a beginner’s mind and building a practice designed for the long-term will yield positive results. 

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