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Being a First-Timer Means It’s Okay to be Just Okay

Did you watch the 60 Minutes episode with Brené Brown? If not, please do. 

Then download her new podcast, Unlocking Us and listen carefully. Process and consider her ideas and suggestions for a more meaningful understanding of FFT/TFT.

This morning as I walked the dog, I spent 38 minutes awesome moments comforted, awed and refreshed as she spoke about FFT. Not wanting to be the spoiler, I will say, at this moment in time, we are all living our most significant FFT/TFT experience. Most of us find ourselves in multiple FFT/TFTs, and for many of us, we’ve learned to normalize and manage. For others, not so much. Brown believes it’s a learned skill though. As do I.

If you’re a Brené Brown fan, you may have already listened to these and in that case, I wonder what you think. If you don’t know her work, you owe it to yourself to check her out.

I love watching and listening to her more than reading her work, not sure why. Her personality comes out naturally and I like that rawness and I love that she’s a prolific cusser and evangelist. 

Take a walk, sit outside on your balcony, backyard or stoop, lie down on your yoga mat and take in her message in and be okay, even if for just a few brief moments.

I can’t wait for my next walk! Episode 2, here I come.

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