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look on LinkedIn

I hear a lot people talking about their profiles, most people say their profile is not updated, they created it a while ago and pay little attention to it.

I get that. I suggest taking a few minutes and going back in for another look. LinkedIn is here to stay and people all over the world use it to create new business opportunities [100 million+ worldwide and 40 million+ U.S.].

People ask, “What are people actually doing on LinkedIn to generate business?”

It’s everything from securing a meeting with an elusive prospect to generating international business relationships. I see it happening every day. From January-April I generated thirty new meetings all through LinkedIn, sixteen with new people.

What do you need to do to start really engaging on LinkedIn?

Good question.

A couple of profile basics:

  • Your profile should be as close to 100% profile as  possible.
  •   Your profile should be well written [no typos-so think  about creating it in Word first and copy and paste it into  LinkedIn].
  • Your profile should have content in the summary and  for each position.
  • Your profile should contain keywords that help you  optimize your profile for rankings.
  • Your profile should have a headline that best highlights  what  you do and who you are rather than your title [this  also helps with your rankings]. You have 120 characters  in this area, make it work for you, add your phone  number or email  address too.

Just a few suggestions to get you started. Make those changes and start engaging, invite people, join some groups. More on those to come. Not a member of LinkedIn, no problem, joining is easy, go to and sign up.

Already a member? Then think about what you want to include, think strategically, think keywords. Ready? Great, now go to your home page, at the top click on Profile, go to Edit profile and get started.

Need some more help, use my LinkedIn Profile Builder template. LinkedIn Profile Builder Guide