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  • Content rich
  • Relevant
  • Insightful
  • Authentic

Today, focus on only share-worthy content. In my last post, Your “Like” is Not So Inspiring, I focused on how a “Like” is just not enough anymore. My intent was to encourage, and perhaps, inspire a more strategic pursuit of content sharing to increase your visibility and personal brand

Not everything we post is epic or critical knowledge; I get that. However, I would venture to say that not everything you read in traditional publications is either. So, perhaps the question to consider when thinking about content is whether it’s share-worthy.

Not everything is. And, for some of you, it may be more than you think.

Everyone should pause and consider what shareworthy means. Will it add value to the recipient or is it noise? Is it sharing for attention, not value?

What do you want the content to convey about you?

Do you want to be seen as:

  • Smart
  • Generous
  • Forward-thinking
  • Domain expert
  • Interesting
  • Well-rounded
  • Connected in your community
  • Trendy
  • Silly
  • Lighthearted

If being smart, relevant and a domain expert is important to you then choose content that has substance, a position, and thought behind it. Be intentional, even rigorous in finding or creating that kind of content.

If you’re going for trendy, silly or lightheartedly, great be mindful how you do that on specific channels like LinkedIn. People are not typically on LinkedIn to be entertained.

Think share-worthy.

Be human and say something.

Tell people why you shared what you shared. Let people know what you found interesting about the post in your own language. Spare the industry-jargon and talk conversationally.

Match your content to your channel.

Our content and strategy for LinkedIn are different from Instagram. Do I think some of the Instagram content can also be effective on LinkedIn?

Yes, with different lead-ins and captions. Is it okay to have different strategies for different channels, yes, of course?

Be consistent in leveraging shareworthy content.

Marketing departments, large and small are creating shareworthy content and distributing it on their various channels.

Why aren’t you sharing any or more of your company’s content?

This question is the big question and one that comes up continually.

Here are some of the reasons I hear:

“I’m not sure how to share content.”

“Everyone’s sharing the same content.”

“I don’t have time.”

“It’s stupid.”

While all of those comments are valid, they reflect an attitude of non-committal and lack of interest in the bigger picture. The bigger picture includes building your professional brand and working on behalf of your current company.

We live in a world where out of sight, IS out of mind.

A friend of mine mentioned the other day she just doesn’t like sharing content. Remember, it’s not about whether we like it or not. There are lots of other things you do at work that you probably don’t like and you do them anyway because there’s an expectation that they need to get done. 

Maybe resetting the expectation is a first step.

Decide to be in the sight line of those you want to work with and for. It does make a difference.

It would be best if you decided it’s worth your time and effort. If it is, start with building your brand and using shareworthy content to stand out.

My challenge to you? Spend 30-minutes this week focused on paying attention to good content. Study it, do you learn something from it? Does it stay with you? Does it prompt you to ask a question or take action? This, to me, is the essence of share-worthy content.