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We get it, sometimes it seems like you blink an eye and there is a new app out. However, that is not an excuse to allow yourself to get behind on technology. Let’s face it, technology isn’t going to wait for us to catch up, and eventually not knowing about popular business tools is going to hurt us severely. Believe it or not, a lot of these apps can be extremely productive and potentially useful in your everyday lives. The following are five tools that we at Intero use on a regular basis and believe they would be helpful to every salesperson.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator App

Ok, so we are a little biased toward LinkedIn, but their Sales Navigator App is fantastic. If you’re one of our digitally literate salespeople, then you know Sales Navigator is an extension of LinkedIn made specially to track leads and accounts of people and companies on LinkedIn. This app allows you to access Sales Navigator on-the-go, giving you the ability to view your saved leads and accounts, access your InMail inbox, and save new leads at the touch of your fingertips. Your Sales Navigator homepage is also explicitly specialized based on what your leads post, rather than your connections, so you will never miss a post from one of your top leads. Now you don’t have an excuse for not staying on top of prospective clients and companies!

Download the Sales Navigator App here.

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LinkedIn’s Elevate app is genius, and extremely valuable to every salesperson out there trying to sell their products, increase engagement, and get the word out about their company. So what is so unique about Elevate? You’ve probably heard that your employees are the biggest advocates for your company, and with this app, you can get them involved in content posting! How it works is simple: you create content or repost content that is specific and valuable to your industry, then you suggest this content through the app to employees, and they post it to their profiles. This app takes away the headache of bugging employees to repost your content. Additionally, Elevate allows you to see how your employees increased traffic to your site and more!

Get started with Elevate here.


If you’ve ever worked with us before or even kept up with our previous blog posts, then you know we are huge fans of Calendly. Calendly is a calendar scheduling tool that allows your clients, coworkers, etc. to schedule a time that works best with them without conflicting with your schedule as well. This tool saves hours of time going back and forth about scheduling, and it makes scheduling meetings simple. Calendly also allows you to personalize when you are open to meeting, as well as create specific events if you have more than one person scheduling for the same topic. When we say Calendly is the ultimate time saver, we mean it.

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Get Calendly here.


CRM’s are crucial to any salesperson. CRM, if you aren’t familiar with the abbreviation, is a customer relationship management tool. There is a myriad of different CRM’s available, so I will share three that we have found to be productive.

At Intero, we use Airtable to track our customers. Airtable is extremely useful because it mimics the look of a spreadsheet, and allows us to share tables within our team, as well as to clients. There are also dozens of templates for everything from content planning to product planning, making it resourceful. Oh, and did we mention it is so easy to use?

Another favorite CRM is Salesforce. Salesforce is more of a corporate CRM that allows companies to use multiple apps to keep track of current and prospective clients. Salesforce allows you to vet potential clients, as well as track engagement with a specific client. Lastly, Salesforce is conveniently accessible through a mobile app, so you always have handy!

The last CRM is HubSpot. It’s free to use and allows you to track customer interaction easily, contact customers immediately, and your pipeline can be easily monitored and organized. The best part is there is no limit on how much storage and contacts that you can have on HubSpot. Ultimately, you have to find the best fit for you!

Get Airtable here.

Learn more about Salesforce here.

Get HubSpot CRM here.


Zoom is our favorite meeting app, mainly because it is so simple for everyone to use, and it can fulfill a variety of tasks in one meeting. Zoom offers the ability to record sessions, screen share, use computer audio, and use video conferencing. If you wanted to provide even more insight and value to your customers, you could create webinars offering prospective clients with information about your product or company. Zoom makes it easy to sell and close deals with people no matter where they are located. 

Get started with Zoom here.

We hope that you take some time and look into each of these tools if you are not familiar with them already. We guarantee that these tools are not only going to improve your abilities as a salesperson, but they are going to make you much more digitally literate when it comes to selling to the newest generation of people, where everyone works and operates through digital tools and networks.

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