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Sometimes we just need a prompt. Sometimes we overthink our message, and sometimes we make push buttons without thinking about what we just typed. And, sometimes when folks use their mobile device to respond, we see wacky typos in the messages. Who hasn’t seen some crazy spelling in their messages on LinkedIn?

That’s why I appreciate LinkedIn serving up some quick, thoughtful responses that I can use on the fly. I appreciate how they are personalized to the message thread and don’t look canned and automated. Sometimes I use them alone as the sole response and other times I choose one and then elaborate a bit more.

Give them a whirl especially if you’re on your mobile device and want to acknowledge someone quickly. You can also have some additional scripts ready in another spot that you can copy/paste into the messaging window. Reaching out and connecting with new people? Scripts will make you far more efficient.

Don’t be surprised if you see more of this from LinkedIn.

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