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Have you noticed that you can now see when your 1st level connections are active on LinkedIn?

Trying to reach a client or prospect that has gone dark? Go to their profile, see if they are on LinkedIn at the moment and, if so, message them through your messaging center. If you don’t hear back, maybe they’re just not that into you. Sorry. Sometimes, that’s just the way it is. And, that’s okay. Find the people who do want to talk with you. They are out there.


And in case you are wondering, yes, you can turn this setting off in your own profile. See the tutorial below:

<b>Step 1:</b><br>Click on your Messaging tab and go to your Messaging Center.&nbsp;<br><br>Notice who may on LinkedIn at the same time you are. Send off a quick message while they’re on LinkedIn may mean a faster response back.&nbsp;<br>

<b>Step 1 cont’d:</b><br>Notice the green circle/green + white circle at the bottom right of their photo.&nbsp;<br>This tells you they are online at the moment. The solid green indicates they are on their desktop and the green + white indicates they are on their mobile.<br><br>

<b>Step 1 cont’d:</b><br>Notice you can also see the green circle/green + white circle at the top of the message.&nbsp;<br>Note how many of your connections are using their mobile device.&nbsp;<br><br>

<b>Step 2:</b><br>You can see that my message is in blue and to right and my connection’s response has no shading and is to the left.<br><br>You can also see that the message has been read.&nbsp;

<b>NOTE:</b><br>If you use Sales Navigator and send messages from there you will need to check your Sales Navigator inbox for messages. Messages sent from Sales Navigator will NOT show up in your messaging center and visa versa.<br><br><br>


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<b>Step 1:&nbsp;</b><br>Go to Me at the top and click on the down arrow.

<b>Step 2:&nbsp;</b><br>Click <span><i><b> </b></i>Settings &amp; Privacy<i><b></b></i></span>

<b>Step 3:&nbsp;</b><br>Click <span class=””>Privacy</span>

<b>Step 4:</b><br>Click <span class=””>Manage active status</span>

<b>Step 5:</b><br>Click Yes or No on&nbsp;<span class=””>Display your active status<br><br>Show my connections when I’m active on LinkedIn or available on mobileYesNo*Changes may take up to 30 minutes</span>