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Say goodbye to needing to go into your message center each time you receive a new message or a response because the LinkedIn Message Center seems to have gotten a new addition – LinkedIn Messenger (I’m not sure if LinkedIn is actually calling it that or not but I am for the sake of this post)! If you are familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn Messenger reminds me of Facebook chat.

This is a fabulous addition for those that are on LinkedIn multiple times a week for a couple hours each session. It eliminates having to go into your message center each time you receive a new message or a response or keeping a separate tab open just to keep up with your messages. For those doing a significant amount of outreach daily or weekly, it will decrease the amount of time spent toggling back and forth, opening and closing tabs, etc meaning more time to focus on finding the right people and sending messages. Sounds good to me!

If you are using LinkedIn Messenger, do you like it? Does it make your life a tad bit easier? What are your thoughts? Let me know!