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Results. Momentum. One fuels the other. Rinse and Repeat. I talk about this every day, and when people say they aren’t getting any results, I know they also mean they aren’t taking action. A bit of luck every once and awhile will create some activity, but not sustainable actions that turn into new connections and opportunities.

When I receive an email like the one below, from Tom Harper, it makes my day. Why?


He’s committed to a goal and is working a plan to get there.

He’s measuring his progress.

He’s thinking about, and asking for, suggestions to enhance what he’s already doing.

And finally, he sounds like he’s having some fun along the way.


Tom’s stats are the result of his three-step plan, which is pretty straightforward and allows for some personal creativity. 

Let’s begin with Tom’s email. Doesn’t he sound like someone you’d want to talk to? Personable and engaging.

Hi Colleen and Sydney,

Hope you both are doing well! Please feel free to use my new found improvements in an upcoming blog post. I would be honored Colleen! By the way I am now up to a SSI of 63 (UP from 47 on 1/17/2017). Lately my SSI is hovering around 60…. Much better than the mid 40s prior to your lecture!

Here is my basic strategy. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ENHANCE OR MODIFY. I am kind of at the Strategy 1.2 stage…

       Step 1 – Incorporate as much of Colleen’s INSIGHTS GLA lecture into my strategy

       Step 2 – Measure all postings on LinkedIn – SSI, Views, Likes, etc. Notice any trends

       Step 3 – Leverage the resources around you for content – the firm, key business journals (HBR, Forbes, etc)


My Twitter Analytics – @ThomasAHarper


My LinkedIn Analytics – Thomas Harper

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas on how to better my efforts. I feel like I am making progress but got a long way to go. If I carve out 30 min/day to dedicate to this effort, I think that I get closer to my goals (5 qualified business leads through either LinkedIn or Twitter in 2017 -> 2 billable new engagements in 2017)

Best regards,


Of course, I like everything about his plan. It’s not overly complicated or over-thought. He can definitely do everything that was discussed at the conference in 30-minutes or less each day. Thirty minutes of intentional prospecting, connecting, engaging and nurturing is a solid plan that each of us can implement to further our business and career.

Tom’s expertise, his company, network and social savviness all come together to elevate his personal and corporate brand. Does yours?


This post was originally published on Intero Advisory’s website in April 2017. Please note that LinkedIn is constantly changing. While it’s current now it may not be in the coming weeks or months.