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Everyone can wrap their heads around the word “lifestyle” (one definition: a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particular person or group). According to Wikipedia, a lifestyle typically reflects an individual’s attitudes, way of life, values, or worldview.

Let’s apply that to our work. What’s your workstyle? How do you work? What values, attitudes, behaviors and habits do you exhibit in your workday? “Workstyle” hasn’t made it to Wikipedia yet, but I think there is some merit to coining this word as you consider your role and the way you work.

Salespeople, it’s a new year with a new quota. And, this year it’s time to shift to selling differently. You need to embrace social selling.

I see a great divide in sales these days. There are the sales teams who have a sales strategy, a process and measure their results carefully with the intent to hone their strategy and process in order to increase results. On the other side of the spectrum are the salespeople and teams who wing it and, in fact, actually make sales the least of their day-to-day work. After they do all the administrative work they consider making sales calls. Yikes.

Regardless of where you fall, you need a social selling plan. You don’t wake up, log in and become a social salesperson overnight. Just like you wouldn’t walk in a room with a megaphone and say “buy from me today, please.”

Create your 12-Month LinkedIn Workstyle, right here. Yes, we are challenging you to join us in a social selling workstyle, today. Let’s get started. And by the way, you need to keep tabs on your progress; don’t beat yourself up, just be honest and keep moving forward. Click on this link to view Your 12-Month LinkedIn Social Selling Workstyle Plan.

Take this month by month or accelerate the months into weeks. Regardless of how you manage this, follow the order, be consistent and log your activity so you can see your results. Go in order. The foundational work is critical and makes it easier to get to the good stuff (good connections, new business opportunities, a new job etc.)

We’ve given you additional posts to read within this plan and, in the meantime, sign up for our blog so you don’t miss our new posts, which will enhance your learning and provide the tips you need for social selling proficiency.

We will be providing quarterly updates with more details and suggestions on how to turn your LinkedIn intentions into a LinkedIn workstyle. A LinkedIn mindset prepares you; a LinkedIn workstyle turns you into a social selling professional who secures their future in the short term and long term.


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