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I am really excited to update you all on a new pilot program being tested called LinkedIn ProFinder. Here’s how it works:

Looking to hire an expert?

  1. First, tell LinkedIn ProFinder what you are looking for, including: location of the expert, timeframe for service completion, and your budget (indicated by dollar signs, not specific amounts).
  2. LinkedIn will send you up to 5 professionals who might be able to help.
  3. Then, hire the right “pro” for you.

Microsoft Word

A LinkedIn ProFinder concierge will be accessible to you if you need any assistance.

As of the publishing date for this post (10/29/15), here are the areas of expertise you can find:

Microsoft Word 2

This, my friends, is a perfect reason why the skills listed in your LinkedIn profile are so important. If you have not hand-selected the (50 possible) LinkedIn skills in your profile, it’s time to revisit that section and make your updates.

The screenshot below shows how you can search hundreds of different keywords to identify professionals who have the skills are you interested in. Check it out for yourself at

Google Chrome 3

When I searched for Financial Advisors near San Francisco, LinkedIn ProFinder first pulled up the Pros already in my network. This makes sense doesn’t it? There is a high likelihood that I will want to hire someone I already know and have a stronger connection with compared to someone I do not know.
Google Chrome

Interested in being listed as a Pro?

Now, you understand how people can find you through LinkedIn ProFinder. So, how do you sign up?

Google Chrome 2

Apply by going through an onboarding questionnaire.

  1. What kind of service for you provide? You can only select one.
  2. Within [said service], what are your areas of expertise? Select all that apply.
  3. Add a phone number. Do this and LinkedIn will notify you via text when a new customer lead is available.
  4. Customize your ProFinder profile URL. This is your LinkedIn profile URL.
  5. Submit.

After submitting my application, I was led to a great LinkedIn ProFinder FAQs page with excellent next steps.

Remember, they are testing LinkedIn ProFinder. How do I know?

  1. In one week, they already removed a few services, including: Career Services, Recruiting, and Home Improvement.
  2. LinkedIn ProFinder is currently only available to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  3. One of my clients received an email from a LinkedIn Product Engagement Specialist eliciting his participation in the “new pilot” as a Pro participant for Financial Services since he is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My fingers are crossed that this pilot is successful. I would love to see LinkedIn ProFinder rolled out to the entire LinkedIn membership. Even though I am not located in San Francisco, I applied to become a Pro so that my name is on the list when the directory expands. Stay tuned as we learn more…

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