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Listen while you’re on the go:

The number one activity on LinkedIn is looking at profiles. Did you know that? And did you know that LinkedIn profiles with a photo get 11 times more views and 40% more InMail responses than profiles without a photo?

Unfortunately, what is not addressed in the stats mentioned is the fact that the way your LinkedIn profile picture looks is just as important as having one at all.

According to Alexander Todorov: It only takes 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone after looking at a photo of their face.

So, let’s take that impression on a grander scale, a company-wide scale. How you look on LinkedIn is important, but how your entire team looks is equally as important. When you call, email, or invite someone to connect who has not met you yet, they are doing their homework before responding to you. This often means they are looking up you and your company online and, now, LinkedIn is a component of that.


If you are a recruiter—they are looking at your colleagues and leadership to see if they can see themselves working with your team.

If you are in sales—they are looking at your colleagues to see if they are reputable and worth hiring.

If you are in executive leadership—they are looking to see whom you have hired and who you consider your respected and trusted advisors.


It’s not just you. It’s your entire team. It’s the whole package.

If you have not cared about how the rest of your team looks on LinkedIn, it is time you reconsider. The first place you can start is by updating your LinkedIn profile picture.

With the end of the year approaching, a great team activity can be scheduling a morning of professional headshots. Give your team the opportunity to go into the New Year looking great and feeling proud of their professional image.

LinkedIn profile picture considerations:

  • Dress professionally and remember the image should be from your chest or waist up
  • Making eye contact with the camera will make you more recognizable when you meet people in person; this is a small, but important detail to include in your LinkedIn profile picture
  • Your picture should be just you, not your spouse or your dog or your boat. (You may laugh, but I have had these conversations with too many people to count, so it is worth mentioning).
  • A colored background OR solid colored shirt can make your LinkedIn profile picture stand out amongst the other thumbnail pictures
  • No selfies
  • LinkedIn profile pictures are a fixed square shape. (Image size is 400 x 400 pixels).
  • Smile…Seriously. Please, smile.

Here are a few examples of companies who look truly awesome on LinkedIn. They are cohesive and professional. Without knowing anything about their companies, wouldn’t you consider giving them a shot?

Google Chrome 2  Google Chrome 4

Great work SCMEP and Propel HR!

When you update your LinkedIn profile picture, make sure it is visible to everyone:

Google Chrome

They say you only get one first impression. Thankfully, your LinkedIn profile picture and image is pretty easy to control. Here are a few additional resources worth noting that I hope you find helpful:


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