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introduction on linkedinSometimes people prefer to stay under the radar when they share their stories, we respect that. It makes their story no less compelling. This came to us via our website and we want to share how LinkedIn served up the right person to make the right introduction for a potential career opportunity. It sounds like the position wasn’t even posted, all the better. Don’t forget to share your story with us.

“I recently looked up people in my area that are in charge of corporate development at smaller middle market companies. I found someone that I was interested in meeting and looked at their profile on LinkedIn. I noticed that he was a 2nd degree of separation from a few people that I already knew. I contacted a close friend of mine who was one of these 2nd degrees of separation and asked if he could introduce me to this VP of corporate development at a local company.

The VP was contacted for me and we talked that day. We met up a week later and a position at the company was discussed during our first meeting. LinkedIn was the only way I could have known this person was out there, and without using the tool I would have no way of knowing that friends of mine knew the exact person I needed to talk to. LinkedIn is an invaluable tool.”

It’s no longer “Hire Me” but a conversation about what you can deliver. Looking for your next career opportunity? Consider how you can differentiate yourself by having a focus on where you want to work and who you might like to work with.