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We have written before on sharing profiles on LinkedIn. It’s an easy way to make a team member or contact aware of someone that should be in their network, or maybe be considered for an open position.

There are actually lots of reasons to share a profile on LinkedIn. We use this feature quite a bit here at Intero. Recently we’ve noticed that this function seems to be broken, so we thought we’d call it out. In case you’ve had issues with your profile shares not going through recently, you are not the only one! Here is what we’re experiencing.

Typically, a profile share shows up as a message in my Inbox, letting me know that someone has shared a profile with me. Here is an example of a message I received many months ago:




Recently, Colleen shared a profile with me. At the time, I was not near my phone or computer. Unfortunately, I did not receive a message like this. Colleen shared the profile again. And while I still did not receive a message in my Inbox like the one above, I was near my phone and I received a notification through the LinkedIn app that a profile had been shared:




But to my disappointment, when I tried to open the profile share in my LinkedIn mobile app, it went to a blank screen. And again, when I searched for the notification in my Inbox on both my mobile app and my computer, there was no sign of it.

We have alerted the LinkedIn Help Center to the issue and they are working on it. It’s actually now been escalated twice to different groups within the organization. Hopefully, we can find a resolution soon.

But don’t let any of this discourage you from sharing profiles! Until this is resolved, we recommend following up on your profile shares with a separate message so that the recipient is aware that you shared a profile. You may also want to consider simply copying and pasting their profile URL into a message for the time being.

We’ll keep you posted on what we find out!