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Scott Whelchel Clemson SSBDCPersonalizing Pays Off

Scott Whelchel, Greenville Area Manager & Business Consultant at SC Small Business Development Centers

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In using LinkedIn for several years, I have used a number of ways to connect. Often I would add a personal line to the standard invitation but it usually wasn’t very strategic. After hearing Lindsey speak about the importance of personalizing the connection email I began trying to do that more consistently. Here’s how effective that can be…

Following a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting I was looking for a way to connect withe the speaker, who was VP of Business Development for a local bank. Taking Lindsey’s advice, I customized a LinkedIn connection request by mentioning his talk that day and the number of shared connections we have. The response I got was EXACTLY what I hoped for, and it came in less than 5 minutes. I can only imagine how much email the person goes through in a day and how long it would’ve taken to get a response that way. LinkedIn proved to be the best tool for the job!

Thanks for the great advice!

Scott—keep up the good work. Share more of your stories, we appreciate it!  Lindsey and Colleen