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There are lots of LinkedIn members who started their profile and never quite finished their build-out for lots of various reasons. I get that but I would like to talk about why if I was leading your company or heading up your marketing or sales I would highly encourage those individuals to finish their profile.

I just saw this new study yesterday, 92% of B2B journalists have a LinkedIn account and use it to source information, ideas…maybe even companies.

Every individual profile contributes to the company profile.

An anemic company profile filled with anemic individual profiles makes for an extra-anemic looking organization. An energy and perception is created from that, whether true or not. S

ome may, if they start in LinkedIn go from an indivdual profile to your company page and then your Website…if the first two are not so compelling I wonder if they will continue to your Website, not sure I would.

I like to follow companies I am interested in, I often check various profiles from the company page and check out  the content they post. It’s usually authentic adb is valuable insight, often more valuable than the Website content. It also provides different and valuable insite into the organization and its people, don’t you think?

It’s part of the overall branding of the organization and therefore needs to be managed and curated for best practices and messaging. Think about some of the following and how it can be best highlighted through your LinkedIn company page.

Everyone’s profiles should be up-to-date and accurate. They are dynamic not static and should be continually added to. If someone leaves the company they remain associated with your company until they update their profile closing out that position.

Ask for company recommendations for your company page and see people from your network who may have also recommended that company. This is great to build out and have working for you.


Ask your clients and associates to follow your company on LinkedIn, it’s a great way to expand your online community. You can also add the code to your Website for even more followers.

Feed your blog posts and tweets to your overview page which also shows how involved you are in social media. If your social media is not consistent you may want to hold off until it’s more established so it doesn’t look dated. [Go to admin on your company page to add]

twitter on linkedin

Have some video? Add it to the “home page” and each service page. I would recommend keeping it short but consider adding one to each service page. Here is a great tutorial on how to add video.

When it’s all pulled together, it looks good and speaks volumes about the type of company you are, even small companies and independent business professionals. Remember, social media is a great leveler and that cuts both ways…good and bad for both the small and large company.

Conversely follow companies you admire and do business with and let others know about it. There is now a share button next to follow, so share with others and they will share with you.


Some good company page examples…of course, LinkedIn, and Hubspot. They represent their companies well. So getted started and think about additional ways to extend your brand, highlight your employees and create raving fans.

Let me know how it goes…next we will talk about the analytics tab and some statistics. Need help with your company pages? Let me know.