Recruiting Recap : Improve + Innovate Your Recruiting + Retention Initiatives

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Throughout the month of June, the Intero team focused on the topic of Recruiting, and how companies are currently failing to set their recruiting and retention processes up for success. In the content that we have shared throughout the past few weeks, including our strategy blog, quick tips, video walkthroughs, and podcast episodes, we have covered metrics that prove just how lucrative LinkedIn is to retain and attract talent, and how everyday users are able to leverage LinkedIn for new career opportunities. 

Check out this recap Sarah to hear the key takeaways for the month, tips, actions, and observations that will help companies  


1. You are not setting your recruiting process or teams up for success. 

2. Most recruiters/hr professionals do not have the time or ability to recruit proactively. 

3. Pipelining should be a consistent activity. Be proactive, not reactive, to yield desired results. 

The act of pipelining candidates should be a daily activity in an ideal world. Any good marketing or sales team will build momentum over time, and most recruiting/HR teams are not. 

Evaluate your current recruiting process. Are you setting your company up for success?  

As a leader in your organization, you must understand how to continually improve and innovate your recruiting and retention initiatives. 

Our blog posts, tips, and suggestions are accurate at the time of publication. 

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