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Giving Thanks is an Act Worth Repeating

So often, disparate emotions and experiences co-exist; goodness and sadness; birth and death; confidence and fear; loss and gain.

It’s how life rolls. No one is immune even when we retreat into the land of remote work, life, and play. As I write this and reflect on 2021, my family and I will most assuredly agree that 2021 pelted us with so many more emotions and experiences than we could have imagined. While many experienced a devastating 2020, others have found 2021 more challenging. I, for one, am in the latter camp.

Our family saw exciting new adventures dashed and new journeys revealed.

A tiny baby was born and brought a renewed sense of joy to everyone.

Puppies expanded our family and made us laugh at every turn.

We saw our Intero team come together and support each other in ways that culture experts and performance coaches would applaud.

So, in faith and accompanied by an ever-present sense of resiliency, I continue to believe that the world is good and people are kind, caring, and giving.

It’s why this message of gratitude and thanksgiving is more poignant this year than ever. As I continue to believe in the good, the positive, and the richness of life, I hope you find a reason to smile, to reach out to someone who needs a kind word or a hug, to give without wondering what will come your way. I hope you find a reason to believe in the magic of thanksgiving and all the holidays relevant to you and yours.

In the flurry of our lives, it’s easy to forget this and exactly why it’s so important to remember. I hope you take a moment, pause, and know giving thanks is something we can embrace every day. Pause, give thanks, be grateful.

Rinse, repeat.

A habit of thanks creates a life of goodness even when your world is rocky.

In a spirit of gratitude, I wish you a life filled with thankfulness.