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Posting on LinkedIn: How to Tag People and Organizations

Did you miss this week’s video walkthrough? This week, Liza walked us through how to tag organizations or people on LinkedIn while creating a post!

Tagging on LinkedIn offers greater visibility to your post, and allows for a larger audience to interact with the post, giving you a greater chance of exposure and impressions overall. Want to establish yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn? Or, want to give a great organization or colleague some recognition? Watch our latest video and follow along below to get started.

You will begin by finding a post that you would like to share with your LinkedIn network.

You will begin typing your caption.

In order to tag a person or organization, you will type the @ symbol and then begin typing the name. Make sure there are no spaces between the @ symbol and the name. Once you find who you are looking for, click their name. 

You will follow the same steps each time you need to tag within a post. You will see the name become bold, that means you have successfully tagged the person.

You repeat the same steps for companies as well. 

Once you have finished, click post. The people and places you tagged will get a notification and your network will be able to click directly on the tagged names. It will take them to a company page or a profile!

That’s it. You’re done. You will use the same steps shown to tag people or companies in the comments of posts or when making an original post. 

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