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10 Years: A Reflection from the Middle Child

As we continue reflect on 10 years of business at Intero leading up to the 10 year anniversary, this week’s post comes from the latest family member to join the team, and what she remembers from the beginning of the business to now.


Following Liza’s blog post last week, when Intero started I was a sophomore in high school and a part-time nanny, therefore I was not as involved in the beginning stages of Intero as much as Liza was. 

Growing up, Colleen had always worked, so it was very strange seeing her home all day every day. While considering her options of whether or not to find a new job or start a business, she spent a lot of time organizing, throwing a lot of stuff away, and learning how to turn the TV on by herself. But that didn’t last long because she knew what she wanted to do.

Colleen was driven to start her own business. So, in true Colleen fashion, she did and put us all to work. We assisted in everything from choosing logo colors, a company name, office space, and stuffing bags for her lunch and learns. 

A few years later, the families I nannied for needed less help, so Sydney offered me a part-time position at Intero. It lasted 3 days…data entry just wasn’t for me. A year later, and at the time living under the same roof as Sydney, I saw how busy she was and I asked if I could try again. She told me I would need to interview with the boss, and luckily the interview went well! Another chance, and the process had changed to much less data entry! So here I am, two years in, and I’m so fortunate to work for the amazing company my mom built. 

It’s not always easy as the middle child to work with your family everyday, but I don’t think we’d have it any other way. I can honestly say I never thought I’d work at Intero. I was the last of my sisters to join, but I’m so glad I did. Colleen has done an amazing job building Intero Advisory from the ground up, and I think we would all agree with how proud of her we are.