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As users of LinkedIn every single day, for several hours a day, we at Intero are so used to some “LinkedIn Lingo,” which made us realize we might be too close to these terms, and that they may not be completely obvious to everyone else. So, I am taking this blog post to explain to everyone what some of the most common terms that we use means, so you can familiarize yourself with them and use them with confidence.

Company Page– Now called LinkedIn Pages, your page is where you can share information about your company, along with content and updates to share with followers. Employees can also link your company page to their profile, and people can view everyone that works at the company by viewing the page as well.

Connection– a LinkedIn user. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn. You can see what level each person is by looking next to a persons name.

1st Level– Someone you are connected with on LinkedIn. You have either sent them a connection request or they have sent one to you.

2nd Level– Someone that is connected to one of your 1st level connections. 

3rd Level– Someone that is connected to one of your 2nd level connections.

Content– this can pertain to writing an article on LinkedIn, posting videos and photos with insight on LinkedIn, or resharing content on LinkedIn that another connection has posted. Content can also include past presentations that you share on your profile, or documents that make you more credible, such as a certificate or published article.

LinkedIn Recruiter– another separate platform that LinkedIn has created for Recruiters. LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to find the perfect fit for a present or future position in your company. You can connect and keep track of potential candidates, as well as create individual projects on this platform. It is a secret weapon that any recruiter should have in their back pocket!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator– a separate platform that LinkedIn created where users can pay to prospect, save, and connect with new leads. Here, users can nurture and keep up with leads, as well as potentially reach new customers and boost revenue.

Personal Branding– a term we use to define how you show up on LinkedIn. Personal Branding can take into account your summary, your experience, your profile and background photo, and the content that you write and repost. Everything that you write and share defines who you are to your connections, and paints a picture of the professional you are to outsiders!

Profile– a place where your experience, skills, endorsements, and a catchy summary appears with your photo. Viewers can also see posts and articles that you have written in the past here as well. This is your place to capture opportunity, whether it be a new job or new client.

Profile Optimization– A term we use often. It means your entire profile is filled out— and that doesn’t just mean you have entered one or two words in each section. We mean completely written, in full sentences, and written the right way. If you aren’t sure what we mean by the right way, check out We have an entire module and profile guide on how to optimize and fill out your profile correctly.

While we wish we could define every term that is used on LinkedIn, we wanted to make sure we hit some of the top ones. However, if you want to learn more about any of these topics, or if there were some terms we had that were unfamiliar, we encourage you to check out inside, Your LinkedIn Mastery Program. It will have the answers to all of your LinkedIn questions!