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Did you know that beyond the United States and Canada other countries also celebrate Thanksgiving? I didn’t. Curious, I searched and learned that beyond the States and Canada, the external territory of Norfolk in Australia, Grenada, Liberia, the Netherlands, the Phillippines, and St. Lucia also celebrate Thanksgiving. Germany and Japan celebrate a similarly named festival holiday.

I like that other countries also find the richness of coming together and being thankful. Being thankful is good.

Just a few weeks ago when I was in Atlanta, my Lyft driver told me that no matter what, America will always be the most exceptional country in the world. He came here from Ghana and shared his testimony about how he traveled here, became a citizen and started a business. Nowhere else could he imagine this happening as it did for him and his family. I’ve thought about him, remembering his laugh and sparkling smile. His pleasant manner and beautiful accent made his story that much more enjoyable to me. He said he sees his business and driving for Lyft was a way to tell his story and share the idea that hope is always available to those who believe in something. I imagine he and his family will celebrate with full hearts this year.

No matter what Thanksgiving conjures up in your mind and heart, we hope you take the time to enjoy the day and weekend. During a particularly chaotic time in our collective history and in pursuit of mindfulness and honoring a national holiday, there’s much to be said about hanging out playing board games, eating too much, binging football and sharing inside jokes that even your extended family has heard a hundred times. Take some time, kick back, be grateful.