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Sign up for our first of many in:side webinars FREE today! The webinar will take place on September 20, 2018. Even if you can’t make it, still register to receive the recording from the webinar! We promise you won’t want to miss this.

LinkedIn can be overwhelming. With so many membership options, three separate platforms, and a variety of different strategies that can make or break your success on the site, it’s easy to get frustrated and just quit. We get it. So, we created a membership site that teaches you how to become a master at Linkedin. in:side was designed with YOU, the user, in mind, and never stops giving new updates, so you are always in the loop when it comes to LinkedIn. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to another subscription? No problem. We are offering a free webinar to give you an idea of the amount of knowledge and insight you will receive on a regular basis through in:side.

Are you aware of the mistakes you could be making on LinkedIn? So often, we find people that are on LinkedIn but have an incomplete or poor profile that is not adequately portraying who they are as business professionals, ultimately resulting in a loss of potential clients. We also see that some professionals aren’t connected with past or current clients. How will they see new updates or products your company has that may interest them? Or, how do you expect to keep a relationship ongoing with past customers to keep them coming back?

It’s the most simple, seemingly obvious things that are generally important in a traditional marketing funnel that is neglected, just because people do not fully understand the value of LinkedIn. Well, in:side is here to change that.

This webinar will allow you to decide whether or not you’re ready to commit to LinkedIn, and at what level. During this webinar, LinkedIn Top 5: Mistakes, Must-Do’s, Actions, and Tips,  we will provide you with insight that will allow you to understand how far you can go with LinkedIn and the value that it can serve. This webinar is intended to provide you with more insight on LinkedIn, not just in:side.

However, we encourage you to come with questions about our new membership site. We invite you to ask away, and even send in your questions in advance to We want you to understand the value of what we have created, and how it can further your business endeavors. We are so excited to share in:side with you, and we are fully committed to taking the time and helping you gain more traction on LinkedIn.

Not sure you have the time for this webinar or recording? Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

  1. What now? I’m not sure what to do next on LinkedIn.
  2. Do I need to upgrade to get better results?
  3. Why do others seem more successful with LinkedIn than I am?

If you ask yourself questions like this, then you should sign up today. We’ll answer these questions and more. Sign up now!

Want to know more about in:side today? Visit our website, read our latest blog, Take The Chaos out of LinkedIn, Introducing in:side, or set up a call with Colleen to learn more!