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When an employee leaves their job, the last thing that they probably think about is updating their current role listed on their LinkedIn profile. If an employee forgets to end their current job experience with an employer and they are linked to the employer’s Company Page, they will still show up a current employee on the Company Page. Past employees who are still connected can significantly affect your company’s reliability online, and if you’re a user, it could influence potential job opportunities in the future. So, here is a quick tip on how to update your current work experience whenever you leave a company.

First, head over to your profile and scroll down to “Experiences.” Click on your most recent job experience (the one that you are leaving) and click on the blue pencil.

Next, in the “Edit experience” pop-up window, you will scroll down to “From” which will have your start date previously entered, and you will unclick the box that says “I currently work here.”

Once you do this, a “To” column will appear directly next to the “From” column. Set the date that you left the company and remember to click “Save” once you are done.

That’s it! It is so simple to do, but it’s something many forget to do when they leave a current role. CEO’s and other members of the executive team should be sure to remind people who are leaving the company to follow these simple steps so that your Company Page stays up-to-date. It’s important to keep this updated and monitored as much as possible so that customers, prospects, recruiters, and others using LinkedIn can get accurate information about the employee or the company. LinkedIn is such a great business tool, but it loses value when the information you are sharing is inaccurate.

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