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In our most recent post, The Ultimate Value of Your 2nd-degree LinkedIn Connections, we focused on building a diverse, strategic network by uncovering and connecting to more of the right people.

Today, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Hold on, there’s more.

What’s your take away from this post? What’s one thing you can do today or tomorrow to further your network in a meaningful way? Let us know.

In our next Quick Tip, we’ll look at how to do this from your iPhone.

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Finally, A Better Way to Master LinkedIn is Here


Let’s turn 2nd-degree connections into 1st-degree connections.<br><br>Head to your&nbsp;<span class=”component”><i>Search box top left corner, click in the Search box.</i></span>

Click the magnifying glass.

Click <span class=”component”><i>People.</i></span>

You can click by the filters shown. Location is the first.<br>

Connections is the second filter. And, then companies.&nbsp;

It’s easier just to go directly to All Filters and put your search criteria in at once.

Notice I added “CEO” OR “Chief Executive Officer” OR President in the title area. Use the titles that make the most sense for your search. If you have a title with two or more words, use quotation marks. The word “OR” needs to be upper case.

On Connections, click <span class=”component”><i>2nd. We are looking to identify only your 2nd-degree connections at this time.</i></span>

Choose your location.&nbsp;

Choose an industry or two. You may need to test this. Remember, you aren’t looking for thousands of people so narrow your search so it’s manageable and provides the right people.&nbsp;

Review all the other filters, choose appropriately. When you’re ready, click “Apply.”

These are your results based on the search filters you added.&nbsp;<br><br>Straightaway, I see the first two CEOs are Premium members and I see how I am connected to them. Both valuable pieces of information.&nbsp;<br>If they’re Premium, they are probably using LinkedIn.&nbsp;

Notice the third result. There’s no photo and they’re not a Premium member. However, we have 90 shared connections.&nbsp;<br><br>This tells me I can likely send them an invitation and most likely, connect.&nbsp;

Review this group of search results. Are there good people you should connect with? I’m confident there are.&nbsp;<br>There may even be people who you know and haven’t connected with. Start with this group. Remember, personalize your connection request.&nbsp;<br><br><br>

Click on their name and go directly to their profile.&nbsp;<br><br><br>

Now that you are on their profile, click “<span class=”component”><i>Connect.”</i></span>

Click “Add a note” and begin to craft a personalized connection request.&nbsp;<br><br>You have 300 characters for this message. Be brief and personal.

Follow LinkedIn’s message prompt or have your own script that you are refer to. <br><br>Click <span class=”component”><i>Ex: We know each other from…</i></span>

Click “Send” when you’re ready. Check for typos and grammar, it’s important.&nbsp;<br><br>That’s it, you’re done!