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In a previous post, we talked about getting noticed on LinkedIn by adding color and content. If someone has a good profile, you’re probably spending a little more time looking at the details and content than on a Profile with the bare minimum. A study showed that 65% of the population are visual learners, so why not add a pop of color and “wow” to your LinkedIn profile? Let’s take a look at some visuals to get you started.

Background Image

Begin with a background image that reflects who you are, your interests, etc. We suggest changing them up about once a month to keep your profile fresh. To do this, click on “Update background photo” to the right of your profile. Make sure your choice of image is the right size (1536 x 768 pixels). Shutterstock is a good resource for stock photos, and they allow you to edit and size correctly for the LinkedIn requirements.


Your Articles & Activity Section

If you love to blog, the Articles & Activity section will be your new best friend. Here you can publish your work and pick images that grab the viewers’ attention. Make them want more by spending some time on good graphics.


Summary and Experience Section

Your Summary section and Experience section are where you add rich media. This can be an eBook, video, etc. It’s highly likely that viewers will be drawn to this part of your profile to see what you have added and will increase your credibility. If your services or products are visual, add them! If you are a designer, photographer, builder, make sure to show off your work. This is the time and place to do it!


Adding images and additional interest to your profile is an easy and powerful way to create response and be a stand out on LinkedIn. Not only does it look good, but it shows how confident you are on LinkedIn. Express yourself, be bold, and have fun while doing it!


This post was originally published on Intero Advisory’s website in July 2016. Please note that LinkedIn is constantly changing. While it’s current now it may not be in the coming weeks or months.