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Hello there, where are you located?

While helping our clients with their prospecting efforts, I’ve noticed the location on a personal profile often differs from the location listed on their company’s LinkedIn Company Page. Deciding which location to consider the “right one” creates quite the predicament for me.

I have to decide if the person is a good lead even though their location is different. Sometimes this is a tough call considering many of my clients work within one or two zip codes. So, do I use the location on their personal profile or use the location of the company? Asking for a friend.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the location on your LinkedIn profile.

The only exception? You work from home. I don’t want to pass up on a good lead because you missed or chose a wrong zip code. Not only am I possibly passing on what might a good lead for my client, but you might be missing a great opportunity that could further your career, connect you with someone you could hire or meet.

If you do work outside of your local area, consider using the metropolitan area or Greater ____ Area. If you work within a defined geography using your local area is okay, but typically we prefer the larger metropolitan area. And, depending on how small your town is, it may not be an option on LinkedIn.

If your location is not the same as your company’s, let’s change that. And, while you’re at it, make sure you have the right industry too. Check out your company’s LinkedIn Company Page and notice what industry they have listed.

To change your location, go to your profile and hover over the location and industry. Click on the pencil. 


Type in your location and edit your industry if need be. Rather convenient they are together, eh? Click “Save.”


Much appreciated!