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Don’t have time to read? Listen along at your convenience:

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It catches us by surprise, fills us with anticipation, wonder, exhaustion and often an overwhelming sense of preparation, vision-casting and attempting to live in the moment.

We feel this to our core and there is no shortage of how to copy, pause, recast and manage this time of the year and all that goes on in our lives. Sometimes we need a bit less how-to and more of the richness that comes with a great piece of fiction, an awesome piece of music, the warmth of an evening spent at home, and getting together with friends and family.

Take this time to enjoy whatever it is that fills you up, refreshes your spirit and carries you through.

In a world filled with a non-stop information cycle, I desire only one thing this holiday. Quiet and time for reflection. In the quiet spaces, I can call to mind the voices and stories of people all around me who serve to fill my mind and heart with good things, encouraging words and a continued sense of hope. And, to me, that is infinitely important as I ready myself and my family for a new year.

As always, we are grateful at Intero for our families, clients, friends, partners, neighbors and fellow human beings. We seek to serve humbly and with great care and respect. We thank each of you for spirited conversation, reading and following our musings, exploring and collaborating with us.

We wish you the warmest wishes as you celebrate one of the most cherished times of the year. Peace to all.

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