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In the first part of this series, I encouraged professionals on LinkedIn and, more specifically, job seekers to make sure that they are representing themselves and their experience accurately on their LinkedIn Profile. This tip is one of the most important LinkedIn Best Practices.

Continuing our focus on tips for professionals in transition, we will be exploring yet another LinkedIn Best Practice.

#2 Be Active on LinkedIn

How many times have we said it, folks? If you want to be noticed on LinkedIn, you have to be active on LinkedIn. Everybody, repeat it with me now:

If you want to be noticed on LinkedIn, you have to be active on LinkedIn.

So, if you’re focused on a job search you will need to have a strategy for how you will engage with your network and the LinkedIn network at large. This is the most effective way to get on the radar of fellow LinkedIn members, recruiters and hiring managers.

LinkedIn Groups are an excellent tool that provide access to a wider network and a means to start conversations with other LinkedIn members. What Groups are you a member of? What Groups should you be a member of? Research Groups that relate to your industry and join them. Once you’re in, participate in a Discussion. Or even better yet, start a Discussion. You are networking virtually and are almost sure to make new Connections.

Group discussion 2


You also have the ability to share content on LinkedIn. What better way to get the attention of a hiring manager than by sharing thoughtful articles on topics that concern your industry? If you share posts and articles regularly enough, you’ll find that others will begin to interact with you – commenting on your post, sharing the article or possibly even sending a Connection request.

LI post snip

You can even take your content strategy to the next level and begin to create your own content to post using LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Once again, if your original content is valuable, people will begin to interact with you in a more meaningful way through Likes, Comments, Shares and Connection requests.


What will your strategy be for increasing your activity on LinkedIn in order to get noticed?

Whatever the strategy, whatever the cause for your job search, I wish you the best of luck. Preparing for a professional transition can be an unsure and scary time. It can also be exciting and eye-opening. Just remember to represent yourself accurately and be active on LinkedIn and, if all goes well, the opportunities will come to you.

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