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QuickTipImageThe Intero team believes in the importance of standing out from the crowd. Often times, it is the details that can make the difference. Amongst the many ways you can make your LinkedIn Profile unique is customizing the websites listed in your Contact Info section.

Clients often tell us that they have made a hefty investment in their company website. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase the traffic to it? Let LinkedIn be another avenue to send viewers to your company website.

Most people select the default (and oh-so-unoriginal) options when listing out their websites.


Here are two reasons this example is not ideal:

  1. We have no idea where these websites are leading us. Are they different companies? Which companies? Are they unintentionally the same companies?
  2. There are only two websites listed. LinkedIn allows three websites to be listed within your LinkedIn profile.

In order to update your LinkedIn profile websites simply click on the words “Contact Info” within your profile:


You will know that you are in the edit mode of your LinkedIn profile when you see the pencil icons. Now, click on the pencil next to “Websites.”

Google Chrome 5

Then, click on the dropdown menu and select “Other.” Notice when nothing is selected, you only have one field to input information (see screenshot below).

Google Chrome 3

As soon as you click “Other” a second field automatically populates for you to actually tell your viewers where you are sending them.

Google Chrome 4

For me, I want viewers to read and subscribe to our company blog (Intero—Blog), read and follow our LinkedIn Company Page (Intero—LinkedIn Company Page), and know that you can hire us for speaking engagements (Intero—Speaking). Here are a few ideas that may work for you:

  •  Maybe you are hiring and want to send people to your careers page within your company website: “We’re Hiring!”
  • Maybe your company is active on Facebook: “Check us out on Facebook”
  • Maybe you have a personal blog: “My Personal Blog”
  • Maybe your company has a great story to tell: “XYZ Company: History”

I am a stickler for consistency, so I began my three websites with our company name. It’s a personal choice though. Sometimes it does not make sense to list the three websites that way.

LinkedIn gives you 30 characters to customize the websites you want to list in your Contact Info section. Remember, you only get the option to customize when you choose “Other” from the dropdown menu.

What are your three LinkedIn profile websites?