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476981775_bcf3773bc0_zAs a Community Architect at Intero, I get the pleasure of helping clients build a company strategy and implement that strategy on LinkedIn. Our clients come from various backgrounds and industries, and what I have noticed is that no matter the company, no matter the industry, no matter the size, there are three ways to positively increase visibility for your company on LinkedIn. In this post I’ll share with you what I’ve noticed with my clients in the hopes that you, too, will begin to champion the initiative to get your company sharing more on LinkedIn.

1. Create original content

61 percent of people feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company.
90 percent of consumers admit that they find custom content useful

I hear the objections all the time: We don’t have the time to create original content; No one in our industry would read our content; It’s not in our budget to create quality content. What you must understand is that original content performs best on LinkedIn. What do I mean? Let me give you an example.

I am working with a group that works in a niche industry. They had some of the same reservations with regard to creating and sharing original content on LinkedIn. I recently did an experiment with them where I began to share some of their pre-existing case studies combined with third-party content. And guess what… their original content overall had the same or higher amounts of impressions, clicks, and interactions in comparison to the third-party content.


People who take the time to follow your company page want  to receive updates from you. They want to learn more about what your company does. The trick is to create and share content that educates and informs them. This content does not have to take a lot of time, resources, or budget either. Chances are, you have content that is perfect for LinkedIn already in your arsenal. Do a content audit and determine what can be shared with your LinkedIn Company page followers.

2. Get your employees involved in sharing

• Employees with socially-encouraging employers are significantly more likely to help boost sales than employees whose employers aren’t socially encouraging (72 percent vs. 48 percent respectively).

This, I must admit, is what I believe is the future of social media marketing for companies. You can no longer expect a single person to be the social media manager and evangelist for the entire company. Getting your employees involved in sharing will not only increase engagement rates overall, but it will also give your employees newfound ownership and community with your company.

I saw this firsthand with the same group that I mentioned above. We made a concerted effort to have employees begin to share content to help push a campaign in various related groups on LinkedIn.

With the help of employee sharing, at the completion the group engaged with 28 new people of interest from all over the country. They were pleased with the results, and since then, their employees have begun to share LinkedIn posts on their own.

There are platforms available such as GaggleAmp that you can use to monitor and encourage employee sharing, but for those just starting out, I suggest you do a series of small experiments to determine what works best for your organization. Send out a weekly email highlighting content that you encourage your employees to share, or create a recognition program for employees who are sharing company content on social media.

3. Give people a reason to click to your website AND complete an action!

• A call-to-action pin description sees an 80 percent increase in engagement. (Pinerly Study)

I know, the above stat corresponds to Pinterest and you are wondering why I included it in this post about LinkedIn. Well I’ve included it because I have seen the same amount of increased exposure with call to action post on LinkedIn. With the campaign push that I mentioned above, we included a clear call to action with an incentive to click. I believe that the clear call to action and incentive that we included helped to drive people to the group’s page AND complete an action.

Having a clear call to action gives people a reason to click on your post and land on your page. Remember two things, your call to action can’t be generic, and you should consider what you want to happen once people land on your website. If your call to actions are too generic they will be overlooked by your audience. Similarly, if you do not lead your visitors to a page where they can complete an action (sign up for you newsletter, request information, download content, etc.), they will drop off of your sight. Leaving you both empty handed.

Key Take Aways

The points that I really want you to take away from this post are that:

You should be sharing content on your LinkedIn Company Page
• Consider posting some of your existing content

Get your employees involved in posting on LinkedIn and other social media platforms
• Start small by making sharing easy and accessible for them

Include clear call to actions and incentives to get people to click on your posts and land on your company website
• Don’t forget to take into consideration what happens post conversion

I hope this post helps to get your company sharing on LinkedIn. If you are wondering how to attract followers to your LinkedIn company page, take a look at my colleague Lindsey Stemann’s post 5 Ways to Expand Your LinkedIn Company Footprint.

Also, Request our helpful guide on how to effectively build LinkedIn Company and Showcase pages by filling out the form below.

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What type of content do you typically share on LinkedIn Company pages and are you having success in follower engagement?