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Sarah HuntWith a few tweaks in messaging and incorporating the LinkedIn network, there is a wealth of talent to tap into for hiring.

Sarah Hunt, Director of Internship Development at Northwestern Mutual

Sarah’s LinkedIn

I had a pretty solid understanding of the power of LinkedIn when I landed my current position at Northwestern Mutual using the platform. What I didn’t know was that ‘it’s in the details’ with LinkedIn.

As the director of internship development at Northwestern Mutual, I am always looking for that superstar college candidate who is going to be our next great success story. I have found that LinkedIn is not as common among college-age students, but the ones who have profiles are actively seeking opportunities. Initially, I would get trigger-happy and connect with as many people as possible. However, Lindsey coached me on using targeted language when requesting a connection and asking for a meeting.

By altering this simple technique, my response rate has increased dramatically and I’ve been able to consistently set appointments with those candidates. Before, I relied on campus connections to help source my intern class, but now LinkedIn has provided another way to meet these candidates.

Sarah—Great work on utilizing the power of LinkedIn and being intentional with your approach. We are confident you will see continued LinkedIn success as you find candidates for your internship program!

– Lindsey and the Intero Team


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