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Mark ClaryBuilding your network with new connections is important. Equally important though, is engaging with your current connections.

Mark Clary, Wealth Management Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

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Prior to hiring Lindsey for LinkedIn training, I was an average LinkedIn user. I worked with her for a few months and can easily say that it has positively impacted my business and provided more business opportunities than ever before.

In fact, in one of our earlier coaching sessions, Lindsey recommended I review my network and reconnect with people via LinkedIn. I sent seven LinkedIn messages to those connections that yielded four new meetings in a matter of hours. Through this experience, I realized the importance of reviewing my network (Lindsey recommends doing this quarterly) to see who I’m actually connected with, who I might need to remove, who I’m not connected with, but need to be, and who I need to re-engage.

Depending on the size of your network it can take time to get through everyone, but it’s a process worth pursuing!

Mark—We’re excited to see that your reconnection efforts yielded new meetings for you. We understand it is difficult, if not impossible, to remember and manage every person we know in our heads. We wish you continued LinkedIn success as your reconnect and re-engage with your network throughout the year!

– Lindsey and the Intero Team


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