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AshleyStemannUse LinkedIn to Reach the Right People Faster

Ashley Stemann, Team Loan Originator at PrimeLending

Ashley’s LinkedIn Profile |

One of my goals as I entered a new sales position in mortgage lending was to reach out to areas that I thought would be growing over the next few years. After taking a class with InteroAdvisory put on by Lindsey, I used those skills to first update my profile and then reach out to several businesses in potential growing areas. Through LinkedIn, I was able to reach an HR person at a large factory that I likely would have never come into contact with otherwise. I am amazed at how easy it was to contact people that I would have had to spend hours at events to possibly meet. LinkedIn is helping me to better target potential clients and grow my business; InteroAdvisory gave me new skills to do so!

Ashley—From optimizing your profile, to growing your professional network for business, well done!  Share more of your LinkedIn success stories, we appreciate it! Lindsey and Colleen