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Citybizlist and Intero Advisory Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Essential LinkedIn Services



January 22, 2012

Citybizlist and Intero Advisory have announced a strategic partnership to add LinkedIn services to citybizlist’s business development solution. Focused exclusively on integrating LinkedIn into a company’s strategy, Intero Advisory teaches individuals and organizations how to fully and effectively use LinkedIn features and benefits.

Edwin Warfield, CEO of citybizlist comments, “Since its launch in 2005, citybizlist has embraced the latest digital technologies. Citybizlist has become a digital B2B agency in addition to a local business news operation, in 11 major city markets. LinkedIn is an essential yet often unexploited tool that should be integrated into business development, sales and marketing. Intero Advisory is focused exclusively on integrating LinkedIn into a company’s strategy.”

Colleen McKenna (, Principal at Intero Advisory, adds, “The citybizlist/Intero Advisory solution will significantly increase business opportunities and enhance client development and recruitment efforts. These sessions illustrate how developing and leveraging a strong LinkedIn presence drives traffic to your corporate website, generates leads, and develops potential clients.

“Content marketing and LinkedIn are the cornerstone of B2B marketing today. LinkedIn promotes the sharing of ideas, insights, events, and thought leadership. Citybizlist’s C-level audience and B2B advertisers are the ideal platform for this partnership. It’s a natural combination.”

The citybizlist-Intero business development solution includes public relations, content marketing, event sponsorship, advertising, one-to-one marketing, and LinkedIn development and strategy. Packages are custom-designed and enable organizations to leverage citybizlist’s growing online reach, LinkedIn’s platform, and individual and company LinkedIn networks. Collectively, this reach and focus provide unparalleled business development and branding opportunities in each of citybizlist’s 11 major U.S. markets.

This solution will enhance not only an organization or professional’s online presence but also provide face-to-face networking and client development opportunities.


About citybizlist

Citybizlist is a daily, digital publisher of local business news and information, published in 11 major U.S. markets. Citybizlist Baltimore has 16,000 email subscribers and 32,000 monthly unique visitors. Citybizlist is read by high-level business professionals with prestige and power in the local marketplace. More than 82% of readers are C-Level, Business Owner, and Director/Manager. Because of its unique content, citybizlist has one of the fastest growing readerships in its network of local business news sites.


About Intero Advisory

Intero Advisory delivers LinkedIn consulting, strategy and training to increase brand awareness, client development and recruiting for individuals and organizations. Intero has coached more than 2,100 companies and business over the past two years with services including in-person and online group training, 1:1 coaching and profile development, and ongoing LinkedIn engagement. Intero’s coaching focus for 2013 centers on LEADS: LinkedIn Engagement—Authentic, Diligent, Systematic.