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linkedin updates and postsEvery young professional, college student and teenager I know understands, for the most part, the lasting impression of social media indiscretion, of posting the party highlights. They have at least heard that college and universities and employers are checking them out online and most of them at least try to manage the collateral damage.

How? At the very least, they have both a personal and a professional account. Smart.

But what about 40+ professionals who are now embracing social media as a way to catch up with former colleagues, roommates, ex’s etc.? One day they sit down with a scanner by their side and start scanning and uploading photos of the last twenty or thirty years.

You must be kidding. Worse, they click of few of their current parties and call it a day.

Not sure, it’s a good idea. As you’re scanning, uploading and enjoying memory lane, you’re forgetting how these pictures may be interpreted by new colleagues, management, young professionals that report to you, or even your children.

Your social media is a reflection of who you are both personally and professionally. Social media is just that, social. Would you share those pictures at a sales meeting, a board meeting, or with your eighty year old mother?

If not, take them down. Ask your children if they think it’s appropriate. And, remember, if you have to ask anyone about whether it’s appropriate, the answer is probably, not so much.

So, five thoughts…..

  1. No one really cares what you did twenty or thirty years ago.
  2. You probably look dated, yikes.
  3. You look like someone who does not want to grow up.
  4. Don’t say, “you didn’t realize”, that’s makes you look silly.
  5. “E” is for evidence, enough said.