Why I Use Grammarly

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Whether communicated in 140 characters or thousands of words, the written word creates and leaves an impression.

I write a lot. I’m sure you do too.

From emails, proposals, to blog posts, I’m a typing fiend, but I’m not sure I would consider myself a writer. Everything I write, including my emails, is edited.

My secret?

For the big stuff, including eBooks, our website, proposal overview, longer blog posts, one of our editors, aka, a real person edits what I’ve written. Since 2011, I’ve relied on an editor to check me, challenge me, and refine my thinking to help me become (hopefully!) a better communicator. I’m the first to mix up a semicolon with a comma or colon. Once I hand it off, I don’t review it again. I trust them completely.

One of my favorite tools also helps me manage 80% of those apparent missteps. It’s Grammarly.

I’m not sure I could make it through the day without Grammarly. I recommend it to everyone for every one of their devices.

A simple Grammarly review can make enhance and ensure your communication is clear, concise, and conversational. It’s worth it for sure.

If you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll have the option to send off your writing to a real Grammarly editor. I’ve found them reliable, especially when I need a quick turnaround on the weekend!

As a premium subscriber, you also receive some great stats from Grammarly that will show you how you’re doing, where you typically slip up, and how much you write. If you have a competitive spirit, it’s fun to track your progress too.

If you could benefit from bettering your writing and haven’t tried Grammarly, I recommend testing it.

Maybe you have a student at home, and they will be learning online this fall. Grammarly could be a terrific helper and augment their learning.

Grammarly is for everyone.

This post was edited by Grammarly not one of our esteemed editors because once again I am on deadline and running a tad behind!

I thought I’d share some of my most recent stats for fun!

Grammarly.com 2
Grammarly.com 3
Grammarly.com 4
Grammarly.com 5
Grammarly.com 6
Grammarly.com 7

Grammarly makes it so easy

Integrating Grammarly into your existing workflow, devises and tools will make it even more worthwhile. Here’s a sample of the apps you can.

Learn more at Grammarly.com

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