How to Attach a Resume to a LinkedIn Job Application

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Looking for a job? As exciting as that can be, it also is very scary and tough. Will anyone be looking to hire? Is this the right job for me? Do I even qualify for this type of work? Is it me or is it getting really hot all of a sudden? Breathe! We are here to make that process a little bit easier and help you to land that next awesome opportunity.

When looking for a new job, put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. What are they going to look for? Would you hire someone if they did not do the bare minimum of supplying their resume? No. The answer is definitely no. So how come applicants do not attach their resume when they apply for a job on LinkedIn? I like to think that many people do not know about this option or that they think their LinkedIn profile has it all set for them (which is not the case). Not only does your resume include important information, but you still need to make the minimum effort to present yourself professionally. Let’s get started!

First, click on the “Jobs” tab on the top of your Profile and search for a job that fits your criteria and that you would like to apply for.


Once you click “find jobs,” you can begin the exciting job application process by clicking on the “Easy Apply” button.


After clicking “Easy Apply,” a window will pop up that confirms details of your application. This window allows you to simply include your resume with your application by dragging and dropping the file into the highlighted area below or attaching your file.

Don’t forget to click “Submit application” once you have attached your file in order to complete the process. And voila! It is as simple as that! Take your time to complete this important step. Make sure you are providing all information required as well as making it easy for the hiring manager to easily and fully review your background.


As a follow-up step, it is not a bad idea to reach out to the person who posted the job poster and introduce yourself via InMail. You can easily see who the job poster is within the posting and send them a message by clicking “Send InMail” under their photo and title:


Now you have taken several simple, but very important, steps to complete your application process via LinkedIn.

Good luck on the job search!

Centering her career around development, Mollie knows the attitude and tools to create successful and talented individuals. Through teaching and coaching, Mollie is able to positively influence and motivate any individual into accomplishing their ultimate goal. With a degree in Human Development from Washington College, Mollie is here to encourage any individual that they are capable of anything if they go into it with a positive attitude and an open-mind…and don’t forget about having fun while doing it.

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