How to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation

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Last week, we showed you how to Recommend someone on LinkedIn. Did you know you can also request a Recommendation from a Connection on LinkedIn? Here’s how.

#1 Go to the Profile of the person who you’d like to be Recommended by. In the top section of their profile, click on the 3 dots icon. A drop down menu will appear. From here, you can select “Request a recommendation.”


#2 In the next screen, LinkedIn will ask you to select how you know this person and what position you were in at the time of your interaction:

#3 Next, you’ll need to compose a message to your contact, requesting the Recommendation. LinkedIn has a default message, but our rule is to always personalize these types of messages on LinkedIn.

The recipient will get a message that looks like the one below. They simply have to click on the link and begin to compose their Recommendation.


Once the Recommendation is complete, you will get a notification that your contact has recommended you. You can then review it and post it to your Profile.

LinkedIn Recommendations are a great way to further bolster your qualifications. Recruiters, hiring managers and prospective customers will like seeing that others have had positive experiences working with you.

With a passion for recruiting, it’s fitting that Erin is Intero’s People + Process Strategist. She has been a staffing hero in retail, consumer products and start-ups.

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