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Now, you can listen while you drive:

I recently went to follow the LinkedIn company page of the cool new company, SAMPLEit. When I went to their Company Page, I was greeted with a pop up that highlighted a new LinkedIn feature. The pop up stated: “Get breaking news on this company. Now when you follow this company, you’ll get the latest articles about them delivered straight to your homepage.”

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For those of you who have also seen this pop-up and are wondering how this new feature works, this Quick Tip is for you. With LinkedIn’s new feature, you can now follow a company and receive notifications on your homepage when they are mentioned in the news.

How Does This Work?

I have seen two examples of this so far, once on mobile and once on my desktop. On mobile, I simply saw a post that said, “News about LinkedIn”.



On my desktop, there was a post from Pulse that said “Check out the latest news about LinkedIn.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.21.17 AM

Although both of my examples were regarding news about LinkedIn, the same concept would apply to news items of any company that you are following.

How to Take Advantage of This New Feature

I’ve always stressed the importance of following your clients, partners, and prospects’ Company Pages as a way to stay engaged through Company Page updates. Now, it is even more important because Linkedin is helping you to be among the first to hear new updates for these companies when you do so. Use these updates as a way to congratulate, acknowledge and reach out when necessary, to the people who matter most to you and your business. Any good marketer knows that staying top of mind is an important objective and this new feature helps you to do just that.
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