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On Tuesday, we gave you 12 Steps to Social Selling. There is lots to think about in this post, and not just for salespeople. If you are regularly networking outside of your organization, the keys to social selling apply to you as well.

So, how can you measure and track your social selling success? Let’s check out LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index!

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is made up of four key components: establish your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. Your SSI is a great indicator of success as well as the areas you may or may not need improvement on. If you are engaging with your network through sharing updates or commenting on current connections’ updates you should have a pretty solid SSI score. However, if your profile or brand is not strong, you will be able to see that component of your SSI score and what area(s) you’ll need to focus on.

Check your SSI score monthly or at least once a quarter. Take a screen shot or write it down in your calendar; that way you can easily track your progress and keep it consistent. Let’s get started at taking a peak at your SSI score.

Unfortunately, the new LinkedIn surface does not have your SSI score but have no fear! You can access your score here and click “Get Your Score Free.”

If you have Sales Navigator, log into your LinkedIn account and hover over your photo in the right hand corner and click “Sales Navigator account.”

To the right of your profile, you can see your overall score and if there has been any increase or decrease within the week. You can also see how many people have viewed your profile recently.

Click on your score to see the entire breakdown.

Here, you can see each and every individual component of your score. This is the perfect opportunity to jot down your scores so you can measure your success on LinkedIn as well as see the areas that still need more effort.

Best of luck when you come up with your Social Selling plan and remember to check your SSI score monthly to ensure progression and success!