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LinkedIn InMails are a great tool for networking, business development and recruiting. For those of you who send or receive InMails on a regular basis, you may have recently noticed a notification on the top of your LinkedIn Inbox.

new inmail exp notification

As we’ve discussed quite a bit recently, LinkedIn is making all kinds of changes to their platform and how it works for its members. This most recent change is subtle but worth noting.

New Inmail experience

If you receive an InMail sent via LinkedIn Recruiter (a type of LinkedIn subscription for recruiters that allows broader access to LinkedIn members), it will be clearly labeled as an InMail. You will then be given three options for responding, with a further option to customize your message if you wish. Based on the content of the message, you can say “Interested,” “Maybe later,” or “Not interested.”

I’m happy about this change. LinkedIn is saving everyone (the sender and the recipient) time and making communication easier by providing these quick response options. InMail replies are important because they provide follow-up to the sender. Also, each time you respond to an InMail, you are ensuring that the sender receives a credit on that InMail, which is important since members only receive a specific number of InMail credits based on their subscription type.

Keep an eye out for these InMail changes and continue enjoying the benefits of LinkedIn as a communication and networking tool.

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