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people at computerFive weeks ago, I started a series that highlighted all of the different ways that LinkedIn has focused on students and education through its “YOUnivesity” dashboard.

This week, I’ll close out the series by discussing how LinkedIn has made it easier for employers to find great entry-level employees and interns using resources made available by LinkedIn.

Employers on LinkedIn can navigate to the “YOUniversity” dashboard and jump over to the employers tab. As a reminder, the “YOUniversity” dashboard is found by clicking on the interests tab and selecting the “Education” link.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.37.45 PM

From here, there are two main sections that LinkedIn have created for employers. The sections are focused on Career Pages + Work with Us ads and LinkedIn Recruiter + CheckIn. Let’s briefly discuss these areas.

Career Pages + Work with Us

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.26.55 AM

Career Pages

Career pages are an add-on to your company page. At an additional cost, you can add on a separate page, that will allow you to fully showcase why your brand or company is one that students should consider applying and working for. The career page tab allows employers to customize their employer brand messaging with current employee testimonials, highlight their most relevant job listings, and more.

Not quite ready for such an investment? Start small and focus on increased engagement on your company page as a way to get students’ attention and attract top talent. Consider reading, How to Increase Company Visibility on LinkedIn.


Work With Us

Employment or “Work With Us” ads are another way to attract student talent. LinkedIn allows employers to harness social recruiting by creating targeted ads that attract students based on a number of different criteria. These ads are often displayed on their employees’ profiles and on other pages of LinkedIn as well.


LinkedIn Recruiter + CheckIn

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.27.06 AM

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn recruiter is a premium service offered by LinkedIn for employers. It allow employers to find and engage the BEST talent for your company or brand. Recruiter allows employers access to recruiting tools that help expand your candidate search, contact potential candidates, and manage your pipeline of talent.

Not ready for a recruiter license on LinkedIn? Read “7 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Experienced Candidates,” by Colleen McKenna. This post provides helpful tips that employers can use to hire young talent as well.



LinkedIn CheckIn allows employers to collect student data at job and career fairs, adding to their talent pipeline. CheckIn is a mobile add-on that allows employers to capture information such as, areas of interest and general qualifying information.

The leads captured using CheckIn will then automatically follow a business’ company page and they’ll also have access to messaging them directly at any time, should the student or candidate meet their employment needs and requirements.


As you can see LinkedIn has created a great tool kit for employers, that they can use to attract students to their internships and entry-level positions. If you are an employer trying to lure our next generation of talented professionals, please consider further exploring the areas covered in this post.

Has anyone had any success using LinkedIn to find young professionals? Please share with us your success story in the comment area of this post. I’ve enjoyed covering the “YOUniversity” dashboard over the past 5 weeks. Please Click Here to go to last week’s post, which also has a hyper-linked list of all of the topics covered in this series.